Thank you for making a donation to the Virginia Young Democrats! We have big goals for 2013 and 2014. Donors to the Virginia Young Democrats maximize the effect of their giving by helping us impact the state elections this year, the national elections next year, and by helping us train the future precinct captains, candidates, and leaders of the Democratic Party. Without the support of dedicated people like yourself we couldn't fund these critical campaign and chapter development programs.


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The Commonwealth Club is a donor circle for those who make monthly donations to support our organization's goals and infrastructure. We can better plan and prioritize our activities knowing that we have sustainable income that we can count on. We are very grateful to all of the members of the Commonwealth Club and we acknowledge their commitment throughout the year. Join this committed group today!


The Future Leaders Circle is made up of individuals who donate at least $1,000 annually to the Virginia Young Democrats. Beyond recognizing the important role that young people play now, these generous individuals are committed to ensure our Party's leadership for today and beyond. Join the Future Leaders Circle!


The Board of Trustees is an exclusive group of individuals very committed to the success of the Virginia Young Democrats. This group is charged with overseeing the development, application process, and execution of the Reynolds Institute, a program for Young Democrats to become prepared for public and Party service. For information about joining the Board, please contact our President Gonzalo Aida at president@vayd.org.

VAYD Annual Convention

March 17-19, 2017
Harrisonburg, VA

Honorable Ralph Northam

Sylvia Brescia

Tom Greeson

Gonzalo Aida, MRAYD

Trent Armitage, MRAYD

Scott Barlow, MRAYD

Ashley Bauman, MRAYD

Emily Beer, Alexandria YD

Christie Ann Bieber, MRAYD

Keyanna Conner, MRAYD

Dadly Cordero-Teran, FCYD

Catherine Coulter, VTYD

Jonas Courey

Craig Fifer

Andrew Goodwin, MRAYD

Mary Lawson, MRAYD

Aaron Lyles

Brent McKenzie

Justin McLawhorn, ODUYD

Missy Neff Gould

Jamie Nolan, MRAYD

Alexsis Rodgers, MRAYD

Isaac Sarver, VTYD

Lesley Shinbaum, MRAYD

Meredith Smith, MRAYD

Tavarris Spinks, MRAYD

Atima Omara-Alwala, Arlington YD


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