Happy 10th Anniversary Bush Tax Cuts

This past Tuesday (June 7, 2011) marked the 10th anniversary the signing into law of the Bush tax cuts. The average millionaire in Virginia saves $71,000 because of the Bush tax cuts. The overall cost of the tax cuts over the last ten years, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, have cost the country around 2.5 trillion dollars. That’s more than the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It's time we had a tax code that's fair to people who work for a living. Let's stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy who don't need it and will not invest it back into the economy.

Congress should celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bush tax cuts by ending them and using the money to invest in the middle class. Instead of the cuts in student aid in the Republican budget, Congress could use the money from the tax cuts to make college more affordable. The GOP controlled House needs to get to work creating good jobs and strengthening the middle class. With Virginia families struggling, Republican politicians have a lot of nerve making working families pay for tax giveaways for their corporate donors. That makes no sense, and Virginians aren't buying it. Here and across the country, people are fighting back.

This budget crisis didn’t start with the Obama administration; the country’s financial woes began in 2001 with the Bush tax cuts. I’m tired of the Republicans in Washington making the elderly, poor and middle class pay for tax cuts that the wealthy do not need. How can the GOP claim they are serious about reducing the deficit and yet continue to give huge tax breaks to the rich? We don’t necessary have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem. The country needs the wealthy and major corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. By closing corporate loop holes and ending the Bush tax cuts, the country would be able to pay for vital services working Americans need.

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