YDA Partners With Emily's List

The Young Democrats of America has announced its partnership with Emily's List, a Political Action Committee dedicated to training and supporting pro-choice, Democratic women who are seeking to serve in public office.
Atima Omara-Alwala, Vice President of the Young Democrats of America writes: "For the remainder of 2011 – 2012, Emily’s List will be hosting their signature Political Opportunity Program (POP) to train female candidates.
If you are a young, pro-choice Democratic woman considering running for public office, or even a young pro-choice Democratic man who expects to work for a female candidate in the next year, sign up here for one of the Emily’s List trainings in a city near you:
Apply today for the Emily’s List Political Opportunity Program
Acceptance into Emily’s List trainings is a competitive process, so please RSVP to YDA so we can track where our members have applied and help ensure that Young Democratic women are benefiting from this incredible program.
To RSVP with YDA, please follow this link and register."
This is an exciting opportunity for those of you who may be seeking public office. These training sessions will help you cultivate the necessary skills to prepare you to best run for office and provide the solid leadership of pro-choice, Democratic women at all levels of office.

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