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Are you a Young Democrat living in the greater Hampton Roads area? Have you become a chartered member of the Hampton Roads Young Democrats? If not, then the Hampton Roads Young Democrats cordially invite YOU to become a chartered member of our organization by visiting us at: http://hrvayds.blogspot.com/p/join.html

Gov. Kaine Address VAYD Convention

Gov. Tim Kaine spoke to nearly two hundred Young Democrats assembled in Williamsburg for their annual convention. He spoke of the importance of public service. He also emphasized Virginia’s status as a swing state and the effect young people can have on election outcomes.

Gov. Kaine to Address Convention on Sunday!

Former Virginia governor and newly-minted Senate candidate Tim Kaine will address young Democrats from around the Commonwealth during VAYD’s annual convention April 10. Kaine will speak at a breakfast hosted by the Historic Triangle Democrats at William and Mary’s Trinkle Hall.

DPVA Job Posting

Looking for a job? Check out this opportunity with the DPVA!

Campaign Tracker and New Media Assistant

The Democratic Party of Virginia is seeking a talented and motivated individual to join our team as a campaign tracker and New Media Assistant. [click through for more info!]

New Dominion Project looking for Interns!

Looking for an internship? Check this out and pass it along!

"The New Dominion Project (http://newdominionproject.com/), a new Virginia grassroots organization chaired by former Lieutenant Governor candidate Mike Signer, is looking for interns. NDP is dedicated to confronting the idea that Virginia is backward-looking and divisive by promoting innovation, reform, and unity by highlighting the individuals, organizations, and ideas taking Virginia forward. Interns will work on researching stories about Virginia companies and activists, filming and editing footage, writing blog posts, researching promising public policy ideas from Virginia and around the country, and doing political research and analysis. The hours will be very flexible and there will be opportunities to travel and write. We’re looking for interns from around the Commonwealth. Political experience, passion for Virginia’s future, and Virginia residency required. Please send resumes to newdominionproject@gmail.com or call 804-537-637 for more information. We will begin considering resumes immediately."

Pizza for Protesters!

Republicans in Wisconsin are attempting to strip away the collective bargaining rights of their public sector workers under the pretense of budget-cutting. For the past week teachers, students, sanitation workers, firefighters, and even football players have rallied in Madison to stand up for their rights and against this transparent attempt at union-busting.

Fighting injustice can sure make you hungry! Show your solidarity for our union brothers and sisters in Wisconsin by contributing pizza! Hundreds of supporters from across the country and across the world have called in donations to help provide that staple of a young Democrat's diet: PIZZA.

Union busting is disgusting...but pizza is just delicious. Click the link below to find out how you can pledge your support and information on how to donate a pizza to those fighting for their rights in Wisconsin. Share this message with your friends!

Sign the Pizza for Protesters Pledge!

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VAYD Annual Convention

March 17-19, 2017
Harrisonburg, VA

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