Hank Davis: A Strong Voice for Southside Virginia

In the 19th Senate District, a special election is brewing that will have a big impact on the future of Southside Virginia. The people of Danville, Franklin County, Pittsylvania County, and Campbell have a chance to select a forceful advocate for the region who will fight to create jobs, preserve the health and environment of the region from the effects of uranium mining, and most importantly... a leader who will fight to improve the educational opportunities available to the next generation.

Hank Davis has lived in Southside for more than thirty years, owning his own small law practice in the area, and raising three children who all graduated from the local school system. For the past eleven years, Hank has served on the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors and now serves as Chairman. We have a golden opportunity to take back the seat formerly held by Republican Robert Hurt, but to do so we need your help.

Will you commit to making phone calls before the special election coming up on January 11th? You can sign up to make calls from home using the virtual phone bank tool sponsored by the Democratic Party of Virginia. More importantly, will you consider making a $5, $25, or $50 donation to support Hank in the final weeks before Election Day?

This is our chance to help make sure Southside Virginia has a bright future. Please show your support for Hank Davis today!

Transportation Reform Key for Economic Growth

Transportation Reform Key for Economic Growth

China and India spend 9% and 5%, respectively, of their GDP on transportation infrastructure, while the United States only spend .93%; this is clearly a problem. At one point in time, the United States’ transportation system was the envy of the World and now the US transportation system is on a free-fall both with quality and spending.

As our roads continue to crumble, many of our country’s leaders neglect their responsibilities regarding transportation reform. Sadly, the economic impact of their delays has become more and more evident.

October 26th is the last day to request an absentee ballot!

The deadline to apply for your Absentee Ballot is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26!

If you will not be able to get to your polling location on Election Day, you should fill out your absentee ballot application today! You may vote absentee for many reasons, including if you are a student, if you will be working 11 or more hours on Election Day, if you have a disability or an illness, a religious obligation, or even if you will be working inside the polls on Election Day. While it is too late to change your voting address, it is not too late to still be able to cast your vote! [Click "Read More" for more info on how to vote absentee!]

Krystal Ball: A Young Democrat for Congress in the 1st CD

Krystal Ball is an entrepreneur, software designer, CPA, and Young Democrat running for Congress in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. Krystal grew up in King George County and now lives in Fredericksburg with her husband Jonathan and their daughter, Ella. As a newcomer to politics, Krystal has motivated and inspired Democrats of all ages with her enthusiasm and fresh perspective on how to make Washington work for us. She understands the importance of a balanced budget and as a CPA actually directed a project to reform our Federal Courts accounting system.

Join the fight to defend the Clean Air Act!

Emboldened by a stalled Senate climate and clean energy bill, the polluter lobby is now mounting an offensive against the most successful piece of environmental legislation in American history: the Clean Air Act, a law that has now been around for forty years. We can't let them gut this crucial law now, and here's why.

Join Terry McAuliffe in supporting The Farm Team!

On September 26, Terry McAuliffe is opening his home for a Women of Truth and Courage Reception that is being thrown by the Farm Team.

There will be a special unveiling of Barbara Johns by "Americans who Tell the Truth" artist Richard Shetterly.

Barbara Johns, at the age of 16, led her classmates at Moton High School in Prince Edward County to protest segregation in Virginia's schools. Her action led to a lawsuit that was eventually incorporated with three other cases into Brown vs. Board of Education.

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