The frontline in an economic slowdown

Last to be hired, first to be fired. That's how a lot of companies look at layoffs. Young people are by and large amongst the first to go when the economy is struggling. MSNBC looks at how young adults are coping with a lack of health insurance.

The Deeds Economic Plan

State Senator Creigh Deeds released his economic plan today. Creating jobs is an important issue in this election - creating jobs is something that Bob McDonnell doesn't quite get . You can read Senator Deeds' newly released economic plan here .

End "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Now!

Sixty-five years ago, Five-star General, Nobel Peace Laureate, and VMI graduate George Marshall stated that "our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on one side and of overwhelming force on the other."

Four years later, President Harry Truman boldly ended racial segregation in the world's most powerful military, fulfilling General Marshall's prediction.

Today, the United States Armed Forces remains the largest employer in the country without a full anti-discrimination policy.

Filing Reports on VPAP

Political junkies around the commonwealth mark this day on their calendars. Reporting day: candidates' income and cash on hand (COH) reports are posted on the State Board of Elections Webpage and reposted in a much cleaner fashion on VPAP.

Lowell has a great post on a lot of the races. I'll add a few:

  • Democrat Robin Abbot in the 93rd raised $54k and has $113k COH. Delegate Hamilton is still up with $180k COH. There's more...

Catch the Sotomayor Hearings Live!

Virginia Young Democrats can catch the Judiciary Committee hearings for Judge Sotomayor on C-Span: http://www.c-span.org/Supreme-Court-Sotomayor-Senate-Confirmation-Hearin...

Recapping the Weekend

Good Monday Morning! As the summer begins to turn into fall and the Virginia Young Democrats pump up our focus on the 2009 Statewide and State House races, we'll be posting more and more on what we're doing on the ground. We'll also re-post interesting articles and items covering the races.

NotLarrySabato has another indispensable post profiling races in swing-districts.

There's More...

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