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Our LUYD chapter is still an unrecognized chapter at Liberty. Jerry Falwell Jr. has offered to allow them back on campus if they charter with Democrats for Life or any other such pro-life or traditional marriage organization.

In their constitution the Liberty University Young Democrats declare they are pro-life and support a traditional view of marriage, per Liberty University's requests when they originally allowed to them to charter.

Brian Diaz, President of the YDs at Liberty on Rachel Maddow

“We are in no way attempting to stifle free speech": Liberty University Shuts Down Young Democrats

Today Liberty University in Lynchburg shut down their chapter of the Young Democrats, citing the pro-choice, pro-equality stances of the national Democratic Party. Students continuing to use Liberty facilities and its name are subject to formal reprimands from the school. These reprimands can lead to expulsion.

No, you read that right. Liberty University is threatening students who formally organize on their campus as Young Democrats with expulsion. Disgusted? Sign the petition conveniently located on the right of your screen.

A few reflections below the "fold."

Tell ODEC: Energy Efficiency, Not New Coal in Surry

Take Action NOW: Dirty coal's influence in Virginia means newspapers covering Old Dominion Electric Cooperative's proposed coal plant in Surry are leaving a lot out, like the benefits of energy efficiency. While highlighting the controversy over whether meeting our energy needs requires a choice between the economy and the environment, they forget to talk about the energy solutions that are best for the Surry community. As Democrats, let's remind ODEC it's time to move beyond coal.

College Update

Congratulations to all the recent graduates from college clubs! If you want to stay involved with YDA, consider joining a club at your graduate school or in the city or county where you are living!

If you are an incoming freshman at a college and want to know where to find your school's Virginia Young Democrats chapter, email me at College_Chair@vayd.org and we can get you set up.

The Primary Draws Closer!

Recently, the Democratic Governor's have been showing in full force on the media; Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe, and Brian Moran have their faces and ads on televisions around Virginia, getting Virginians ready for the Democratic primary June 9th.
After running a fantastic campaign, John Bowerbank recently withdrew from the Lt. Governor's race, leaving Mike Signer and Jody Wagner to campaigner harder.

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