The 2010 Proposed Budget from a Woman's Point of View

Not surprisingly, but still refreshingly, Obama’s proposed 2010 budget looks pretty good for women. Featuring moderate increases in money allocated to global health, family planning, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the most exciting part has got to be the complete cutting of funds to abstinence-only education, and putting $110 million towards the new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. This funding will go to researching which types of sex education actually work, and which ones—cough, abstinence-only, cough—need to be done away with.

Stand up for Virginia

Nearly 300,000 Virginians are unemployed — with unemployment rates in places like Martinsville as high as 20.2%.

Yet on Wednesday, April 8, Virginia’s Republican-dominated House of Delegates followed the lead of gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and rejected $125 million in federal unemployment funds for Virginia.

As news media reported GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell “favored rejecting the jobless money” and “McDonnell opposes unemployment stimulus,” all but two House Republicans voted to reject expanding unemployment benefits for struggling Virginians.

The $125 million is money from the federal government paid for by Virginians’ tax dollars. These funds, which are part of President Obama’s stimulus plan, would have gone to displaced workers in Virginia and helped to stimulate our economy.

Lt. Gov Hopefuls Talk Issues at UVA

NBC29 Charlottesville

March 29, 2009

"Democrats in the race for Virginia’s lieutenant governor seat tried to stand out from the crowd in a roundtable discussion of the issues at the University of Virginia Sunday. The event was part of the Virginia Young Democrats Convention.

One by one each of the four democratic candidates made their pitch for office before a group of some of their youngest, most passionate constituents.

McAuliffe Arrives at VAYD

As national party chair, McAuliffe gave more to the YDs than any other chairman. He also gave $5 million to Tim Kaine. He's playing well with these folks. "If you can get Young Dems to vote for you three times, you've got 'em for life!"

McAuliffe said he moved to Virginia 18 years ago. He has had every job you can have in the Democratic Party. He said he began as Jimmy Carter's finance secretary at 23. "You get to say whatever you want when they're not paying you," McAuliffe said of his volunteer experience in politics.

Brian Moran Speaks to VAYD Convention

When he began as House Democratic Caucus leader, there were only 33 Democrats. Now look how things have changed in Virginia!

Moran discussed the importance of having another Democratic governor. "This is a grassroots campaign from the bottom up, not the top down!" These are difficult economic times, and "I am running for governor because in these difficult times we need a leader to fight . . . and that is what I will do as your next

Moran said he grew up in a family of Roosevelt Democrats where he learned government can play a positive role in people's lives. He has proposed creating a federal economic stimulus watchdog to make sure all the money coming to Virginia is spent wisely. Those Republicans want us to fail and we cannot allow this.

VAYDs Welcome Creigh Deeds

We just welcomed our first gubernatorial guest - Sen. Creigh Deeds! His donkey, Harry S. Truman, is the official sen of this area harry S. Truman is official mascot of the University of Virginia Young Democrats and we're excited to have him home here in Charlottesville!

"I'm running because I think public service is a great calling in life," Deeds said. "And I'm running for governor if we're going to build on the legacy of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine we have to have a nominee who has proven he can go toe to toe with Bob McDonnell in debates and elections and can compete in every corner of Virginia."

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