McDonnell's Case of Amnesia

When I heard Gov McDonnell went on television and said state employees “pay nothing” towards their retirement I wanted to give the Governor the benefit of the doubt. He himself signed the budget bill that required state employees to do just that. This point was so important to the Governor that he devoted five paragraphs to it in his State of the Commonwealth address in January.

Additionally state employees contribution to their own retirement was one of the sticking points of the Wisconsin budget battle. This battle brought the issue of state retirement system insolvency to the national stage. McDonnell said that he stood with the Republican Governor of Wisconsin in his efforts to cut state employee benefits and compared their budgetary woes with ours Virginia.

Virginia is for Student Voting

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Did you know that there are eight Virginia House of Delegates districts where over 10% of the population is college students? In this brief post, I will go over the districts where student voter registration can make the most impact – giving young voters a strong voice that they are not always afforded.

Concealed Carry Coming to the University of Virginia?

Virginia’s ultra-conservative Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, makes headlines again this week over a decision on concealed carry. A few months after taking office in January 2010, Cuccinelli created waves for filing a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of the Federal Health Care bill, claiming that it exceeded the Federal government's power under the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution. In August 2010, Cuccinelli then issued an Arizona SB1070-esque legal opinion authorizing law enforcement officials to investigate the immigration status of anyone they pull over.

Expanding and Encouraging Student Voting

Since this is a redistricting year many localities choose now to change polling locations. When they do change it should be to make voting easier, no matter what political persuasion a school or community might have. If a university has enough registered voters to warrant a polling location then it should have one --- It is a simple as that.

Martinsville, Danville Continue Population Decline

Two southside region cities, Martinsville and Danville, have experienced almost the largest population losses in Virginia since 2000 according to the 2010 census. Martinsville's population decreased 10.3% and Danville 11.1%. Only Accomack county outpaced Danville's rate of decrease by losing 13.4% of its population.

Cuccinelli vs. The World

Last month, Attorney General Cuccinelli found himself in a familiar place: instructing someone not to protect LGBT rights. This time, he was at odds with the Board of Juvenile Justice, which oversees the Department of Juvenile Justice. Despite the expertise of this board and their overwhelming desire to pass a non-discrimination policy for LGBT youth in the system, Cuccinelli has once again threatened action from his office.

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