The Cost of McDonnell's Agenda

The Richmond Times Dipatch's PolitiFact Virginia recently made clear that Gov. Bob McDonnell is costing the state money with his archaic political views. On Monday, June 27th, PolitiFact validated a claim made by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia that "Virginia spends $400,000 on abstinence programs while losing $2.5 million in federal funds due to Gov. Bob McDonnell's 'political agenda.'"

Fracking around with US energy policy

Have you seen the video clip of the man lighting his tap water on fire from the recent documentary Gasland? That water pollution is caused by nearby hydro fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to obtain natural gas from shale formations deep underground. Natural gas is prized these days as a clean-burning fuel that can help lessen the use of coal and oil as we transition toward renewable energy sources. But natural gas is not the miracle fuel some believe it to be.


As I sit and watch the news today, on the major news outlets and all the talk is on President Obama's news conference earlier. One thing that has flew under the radar today was a ruling by a federal appeals court, which has ruled that the Affordable Care Act, passed last year, IS constitutional. This of course, flies against all conservative arguments that have been vehemently opposed to the law specifically because they claimed it was UNconstitutional. Claimed...

The Carl Genthner for Delegate campaign is looking for field and

The Carl Genthner for Delegate campaign is looking for field and
finance interns for the summer and/or fall. This is a great
opportunity to work directly with the candidate and campaign manager
of a highly competitive campaign to unseat a 20 year incumbent

Finance Interns will:

-Staff candidate call time
-Prepare call sheets
-Track pledges and donations
-Assist with compliance reporting

Field Interns will:

-Conduct door-to-door canvasses
-Recruit and schedule volunteers
-Manage phone banks
-Enter voter contact data

VAYD Exec Retreat at the DPVA Headquarters

VAYD Exec Retreat at the DPVA Headquarters

The Virginia Young Democrats Exec Board is hard at work at DPVA Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia today! We're working over breakfast and setting messaging goals for the upcoming election cycle. Also on today's agenda: fundraising, chapter building, a YDA update, and much more. A busy day for all! We're currently on a break for breakfast and will head back to work soon. Have to fuel our hungry Young Democrats!

Happy 10th Anniversary Bush Tax Cuts

This past Tuesday (June 7, 2011) marked the 10th anniversary the signing into law of the Bush tax cuts. The average millionaire in Virginia saves $71,000 because of the Bush tax cuts. The overall cost of the tax cuts over the last ten years, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, have cost the country around 2.5 trillion dollars. That’s more than the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It's time we had a tax code that's fair to people who work for a living. Let's stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy who don't need it and will not invest it back into the economy.

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