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Thank you for joining our cause, and helping advance the principles of the Democratic Party in Virginia. Your willingness to get involved, learn more about the issues facing our generation, and work hard for Democratic candidates will help us make a real difference in 2012 and beyond!

It is our hope that you will take full advantage of the principles, resources, and advice in the chapter guides below to help you build a strong and effective Young Democrats club. In the pages of these guides, you will find the accumulated knowledge and experience of Young Democrat leaders with decades of experience working on behalf of the party.

Should you have more specific questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact the leadership of the Virginia Young Democrats state organization or your local chapter, whose contact information is included on this website. It is our mission to help you be successful in your efforts as a leader in the Young Democrats. We will always endeavor to assist you in any way possible.

***Please note that due to the sensitive and proprietary information contained in some of these guides we have locked each of them with a password. If you wish to download or review these guides you will need to email resources@vayd.org to receive access. ***

Virginia Young Democrats 101.pdf237.31 KB
Club Structure and Planning.pdf270.66 KB
Club Communications Guide.pdf211.07 KB
Membership Recruitment Guide.pdf291.46 KB
Membership Engagement & Club Programming Guide.pdf212.95 KB
Campaign Mobilization Guide.pdf335.29 KB
Chapter Fundraising Guide.pdf195.5 KB

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