Welcome to VAYD Convention 2018!

April 6-8th at the University of Virginia

"The University Democrats at UVA are incredibly excited to welcome you all to Charlottesville this April! We are hard at work planning a robust programming schedule. Explore this website to learn more about the specifics of the programming, speakers, and exclusive VAYD convention swag. 

The theme for this year's convention is "Our Voice." As Young Democrats, we used Our Voice this fall to elect the entire state-wide ticket, flip 15 House of Delegates seats, and win many local races. Our Voice is a powerful one — we use it to elect Democrats at all levels in addition to lobbying for salient issues. We are the future of the Democratic Party and Our Voice matters now more than ever. Join us this spring as we unite, using Our Voice to create change!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

--Mary Alice Kukoski, President of the University Democrats at UVA

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