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Washington Post slams McDonnell's "Drinking Game" Transportation Plan

If you haven't had a chance yet, I suggest you read the Washington Post's latest editorial, a grim assessment of just how out of touch Bob McDonnell's transportation plan truly is. The piece, entitled Drinking Games, focuses on McDonnell's proposal to sell Virginia's more than three hundred state-operated liquor stores, in exchange for a one-time windfall of half a billion dollars (an exxagerated figure at best). Given how key thiis component is to Bob's plan to raise new funds, the newspaper asks the simple question: Is it sober?

Republican Tom Davis: Rural Virginians Unfit To Be Governor

From the Democratic Party of Virginia :


McDonnell surrogate suggests that rural Virginians are less qualified to be governor

RICHMOND- Less than two months ago, former Congressman Tom Davis mentioned on MSNBC that he had concerns about the Republican Party because its members increasingly lived in Southern and more rural areas of America and also referred to these areas as being less educated.

Apparently his belief that those who live in rural communities are inferior is strong.

Today, the former Congressman and Bob McDonnell surrogate from Northern Virginia was on the record again giving us his real thoughts on people from rural America, but this time his comments focused on a place a bit closer to home.


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Bob McDonnell's Real Views

From the Democratic National Committee:

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