Chartering with the Virginia Young Democrats offers your clubs an immense amount of resources throughout the year! The process is very simple and can be a great way to help your local club. As a chartered organization, you and your members will have access to discounted rates at special DPVA events, the chance to interact with political leaders year round, manuals to help your club with outreach, connections with other organizations locally and statewide, access to grants and other funding from VAYD, and much more! Follow the steps below to charter your club! Once you have the materials prepared, it only takes a few minutes.

CLICK HERE FOR VAYD’S 2024 CHARTERING GUID E (Includes directions and explanations of each required document)

CLICK HERE FOR VAYD’S SAMPLE MEMBERSHIP ROSTER (Excel file that includes all required fields for membership lists)

  • Constitution
  • The document that governs your organizational operations. Many organizations already need to have this to become a recognized organization at school. A sample is included in the chartering packet above.
  • Officer Roster
  • We do not require any specific positions; simply list what the leadership is for your organization. Please provide the contact information (preferably phone & e-mail) and term expiration dates for each officer. You may include your list of officers in your Membership Roster, or you can submit a separate spreadsheet in one of the Extra Credit fields.
  • Membership Roster
  • To be considered a “member” each person listed must list their first and last name, phone number, email, birth date. Clubs must have at least 10 members in order to be fully chartered, though we encourage you to reach out if you don’t yet have 10 members. VAYD is committed to helping all interested groups develop their chapter. A mailing address is not required but is highly encouraged. A template membership roster is included above. Rosters should only be submitted in .xls or .xlsx format.
  • Outreach Plan
  • This details how your organization plans to be accessible to all interested parties, and the community. A recommended template is included in the chartering packet above.


For questions about the chartering process, please email the VAYD Membership Director at [email protected]