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Fracking around with US energy policy

Have you seen the video clip of the man lighting his tap water on fire from the recent documentary Gasland? That water pollution is caused by nearby hydro fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to obtain natural gas from shale formations deep underground. Natural gas is prized these days as a clean-burning fuel that can help lessen the use of coal and oil as we transition toward renewable energy sources. But natural gas is not the miracle fuel some believe it to be.

Join the fight to defend the Clean Air Act!

Emboldened by a stalled Senate climate and clean energy bill, the polluter lobby is now mounting an offensive against the most successful piece of environmental legislation in American history: the Clean Air Act, a law that has now been around for forty years. We can't let them gut this crucial law now, and here's why.

Reacting to Senate climate fail: Don't let polluters off the hook

In the midst of the worst oil disaster in United States’ history, the Senate had an opportunity this summer to take decisive action and pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Instead, our senators decided to cast aside the chance to begin a transition to a clean energy economy. As young voters directly affected by the energy crisis and economic downturn, we have reason to be outraged and disappointed.

Oil Spill Shows We Can't Drill Our Way Out

The cataclysmic oil spill in the Gulf shows beyond a doubt that we can't drill our way out of our energy problems. Our coastal environment and economies cannot afford the risk involved.

Apart from the loss of life in the oil rig explosion, we are seeing reports of devastation in the marine and shoreline areas, with pollution acutely affecting jellyfish, turtles, birds, and fish. Clean-up and containment after the disaster is a massive undertaking of manpower and engineering, involving barriers, oil-absorbing sponges, dispersant chemicals, and a giant dome-shaped cap. In the end, what's most important is to work to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again. With concerns about regulation and the power wielded by the polluter lobby in mind, it is time to think seriously about the the way fossil fuels dominate our "energy mix."

Green Gifts for the Holidays

Are you starting to feel like the holiday season has become more of an excuse to increase retail sales than a time to spread love and good cheer? Interested in helping protect the greatest gift of all, our planet Earth? Manufacturing the new gadgets exchanged at Christmas uses resources, and the energy burned to make, pack, and transport them translates into emissions. There are actually plenty of green gift ideas out there to help us share the Christmas spirit with friends and family without accumulating junk and contributing to environmental problems. Here are a few quick tips.

The economy and the environment at a crossroads: a short critique of Ca$h for Clunkers

With the cash-for-clunkers program coming to an end after this weekend, $3 billion and a few short weeks later it's time to step back and ask, how good was it for the economy, and was it really so green after all?

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