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Virginia is for Student Voting

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Did you know that there are eight Virginia House of Delegates districts where over 10% of the population is college students? In this brief post, I will go over the districts where student voter registration can make the most impact – giving young voters a strong voice that they are not always afforded.

GOTV Weekend in May

Virginia Young Democrats can't resist campaigning for good candidates - especially in beautiful May weather! This past weekend Hannah Wiegard and Antonio M. Elias of the Metro Richmond Young Democrats dropped 500 pieces of Lit for Scott Foster - a young progressive running for city council in Williamsburg.


Kristin Smith of the Virginia Beach Young Democrats canvassed for Brian White - a Young Democrat running for Chesapeake City Council.

"VAYD a major force in Virginia politics"

Chap Petersen remarks on the recent J. Sargeant Reynolds Dinner in Alexandria on his blog at Ox Road South, and the success of VAYD under President Jen Bissett and Executive Director Christie Bieber.

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VAYD Annual Convention

March 17-19, 2017
Harrisonburg, VA

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