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Gov. McDonnell refuses to lobby on behalf of uninsured Virginia children

Despite the fact that millions of Virginia workers have been paying into a Medicaid system designed to help children and the disabled receive health insurance, Gov. Bob McDonnell will not lobby on Virginia’s behalf to extend Medicaid reimbursements or increase the number of children eligible for FAMIS. Despite signing a letter in February urging the federal government to extend these benefits, McDonnell is now putting politics before Virginia’s hospitals and patients.

“Virginia’s families deserve better than political word games,” said Adam Sharp, VAYD Family Caucus Chair. “They deserve a Governor dedicated to helping them get by and stay healthy in these difficult economic times, and a Governor who understands that a ‘jobs agenda is about keeping jobs as much as it is creating them.”

According to the non-partisan Commonwealth Institute, about one million Virginians do not have health insurance. Many of those Virginians are children. A Commonwealth Institute study also predicts that over 12,000 Virginians will lose jobs in the health care sector without these funds.

Send Kai Degner to the House of Delegates: Invasion this Weekend!

Below is a message from VAYD Campaign Director Sarah Buckley. Please come out and support Kai Degner this weekend, and send a message to Virginia Republicans!

Who is Virginia's best shot to pick up a HOD seat in the deep-red Valley? Kai Degner. Mayor of Harrisonburg and a Young Democrat himself, Kai is running in a three-way special election against Republican Tony Wilt and conservative/Tea Party candidate Carolyn Frank. The election is next Tuesday, June 15, and YOU can help by joining VAYD in Harrisonburg to get out the vote this Saturday, June 12 at noon. Kai has recently gained some momentum as his opponent, Tony Wilt, has caught heat for his ties to the oil and gas industry and a controversial natural gas drilling process called "fracing", which he has kept under wraps until recently. You can read more of the story at Blue Virginia by clicking here. The oil washing up on the shore of the gulf is a reminder that we don't need a Delegate that would push forward risky energy projects because of a personal financial interest. Help VAYD send that message and get Kai elected this Saturday! To RSVP and get more details, check out our event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127250087299142&ref=mf). Can't make it? Consider donating to the campaign at our Actblue Page: www.actblue.com/page/ydsforkai.

"Dear Senator Hurt"

Courtesy of the Democratic Party of Virginia, a letter to Senator Robert Hurt on the eve of the 5th District Republican nominating contest. When did Senator Hurt decide it was ok to say anything to get elected?

Campaign Invasion for Young Democrat Kai Degner on June 12th!

Mayor Kai Degner is running for the House of Delegates and he needs YOU to help push him over the top in this special election on June 15. This is a unique opportunity to gain another seat in the House of Delegates and advance a progressive agenda for Virginia.

VAYD Exec and COP will be leaving for Harrisonburg from its meeting in Charlottesville at 9 a.m. on June 12th, from the Democratic Party of Virginia's State Central Committee Meeting at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. If you'd like to join the VAYD invasion, sign up using our online form here!

Alternatively, if you're coming from Northern Virginia, you can hop on a DPVA sponsored bus to Harrisonburg at 9 a.m. on June 12th at the Fairfax County Democratic Committee Headquarters, located at 2815 Hartland Road, Falls Church, VA. The bus will return at 7 p.m. to the same location. Sign up using the online form here!

See you in Harrisonburg!

Virginia Young Democrats Express Dismay at Recent Tuition Hikes

Virginia Young Democrats Express Dismay at Recent Tuition Hikes

Colleges and universities across the Commonwealth recently voted to raise their tuition fees in light of recent state budget cuts. In this dire economic time, students and parents will be asked to pay upwards of twenty-four percent more than they already give at some universities.

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