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Bob McDonnell's Right-Wing Blueprint for Virginia

Senator Webb: "This Election Is About The People of Virginia"

From Senator Jim Webb:

People across the country are watching the Virginia Governor's race closely. Political observers and pundits want to make the results a referendum on President Barack Obama's presidency.

For me, it's different. For me, this election is about the people of Virginia. For me, it's about electing a leader, a friend, and a person I believe will help move our Commonwealth forward.

It's about electing Creigh Deeds the next Governor of Virginia.

Creigh faces a crucial fundraising deadline on August 31. Please make a contribution to his campaign before Monday's deadline.


Creigh's New Ad: "Leadership"

Bob McDonnell: Running Scared

"This Election"

"Abortion and the Virginia Race"

The Washington Post's editorial board takes the McDonnell campaign to task today, calling it "disingenuous and wrong" for Bob's campaign to try and duck a legitimate discussion about abortion. Read the article for yourself, or check out some of the highlights below.

"The short answer is the Deeds message dents the moderate, pragmatic image that Mr. McDonnell has nurtured in the past few years. To win in November, Mr. McDonnell needs to appeal to centrist Democrats and independents in the state's most populous region, Northern Virginia. And a fair number of his positions -- for instance, allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense contraceptives or banning college health centers from distributing morning-after pills while opposing abortion in all instances -- may not sit well with middle-of-the-road voters in Northern Virginia and elsewhere."

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