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Get the Facts on Health Insurance Reform

Young people, as the largest bloc of uninsured Americans, have the most at stake in the health insurance debate currently taking place in Washington. This is about our future, which is why it's important that Young Democrats have the tools to organize in support of the health care reform our country desperately needs.

The White House has unveiled a new website to debunk the myths and bring a healthy dose of reality to the national discussion on healthcare reform. Give it a look, and share it with your friends, families, and neighbors.

*Interested in leading the fight for health care reform alongside your friends and fellow Young Democrats? Check out YDA's Ensure You're Insured Manual below the fold to learn how you can organize in your community!*

Bob McDonnell: Wrong for Working Virginians

Fresh on the heels of Creigh Deed's successful Deeds Country tour across rural Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell has started traveling around the state unveiling his proposals. Just yesterday, the Republican candidate made a stop in Henry County to unveil a rural jobs creation plan that is, to put it kindly, a day late and a dollar short for the hard-working men and women of Virginia.

Highlights from the Obama-Deeds Rally in McLean

The full text of Senator Deeds remarks can be found below the fold!

Breaking News: Young Democrats of America Select Leadership Team

A big congratulations to the new leadership of the Young Democrats of America, elected in Chicago this past weekend. The winners are:

  • Crystal Strait, President
  • Rod Snyder, Executive Vice President
  • Renee Hartley, First Vice President
  • Isaac Robinson, Second Vice President
  • Colmon Elridge, Third Vice President
  • Emily Robinson, Secretary
  • Mark Newman, Treasurer
  • Creigh Deeds - "A Commonwealth Original"

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