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I wanted you to see this video of Tim Kaine, our candidate for U.S. Senate, talking about his positive vision and economic plan for Virginia. Go to www.kaineforva.com/students to get involved!

VAYD hears from Jack Schlossberg at Annual Convention

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Young Democrats Hear from Jack Schlossberg at Annual Convention

Grandson of John F. Kennedy Addresses VAYD at Richmond Convention

From March 30th to April 1st, the Virginia Young Democrats (VAYD) gathered for their annual convention in Richmond, VA and were joined by keynote speaker John “Jack” Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg. Jack, an activist and Young Democrat who attends Yale University, is the son of Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy. Jack called upon VAYD members to take action, urging the crowd of young people to stand up and fight for their values in 2012. Schlossberg was joined by his mother at the banquet, held at the Epic Theatre in downtown Richmond.

“We were honored to have Jack Schlossberg as our keynote speaker,” said Jamie Nolan, VAYD Convention Chair.” Our convention theme forthis year was “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” and with Jack Schlossberg’s activism and youthful energy, he was the perfect person to address our members!”

Virginia Women Can't Trust George Allen

Call to Convention

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 5, of the Virginia Young Democrats Constitution, I hereby call the members of the Virginia Young Democrats to assemble in annual Convention for the purpose of considering charter applications, resolutions, and constitutional amendments; electing officers; and conducting such other business as the Convention directs. The convention will be held in Richmond, VA, and will be hosted by the Metro Richmond Area Young Democrats and Young Democrats at Virginia Commonwealth University. Convention activities will begin the afternoon of Friday, March 30th and will conclude on Sunday, April 1st . A complete schedule, along with other critical information about this year's convention, can be found at the convention website www.rva2012.com.

Register for the Convention Here!

The following individuals will chair the committees of this annual Convention:

Awards - Atima Omara-Alwala (vydem03@yahoo.com)
Credentials - Jamie Lockhart (secretary@vayd.org)
Constitution and Bylaws - Adam Sharp (finance_director@vayd.org)
Outreach - Michael Phillips (central_region@vayd.org)
Resolutions - Antonio Elias (political_director@vayd.org)
Rules - Christie Bieber (christie.ann.bieber@gmail.com)

2014 Charter Submissions

Rebuilding Schools, Creating Jobs

Courtesy of Politico, a bipartisan coalition of Virginia leaders (including Mark Warner, Jim Webb, and Tim Kaine) express their support for the Rehabilitation of Historic Schools Act. From the article:

"A few years ago, Richmond couldn’t afford to borrow the money to turn a deteriorated, Depression-era high school into a modern K-12 facility. But local leaders and the Richmond City Council devised a novel solution. If the private sector rehabilitated this city high school into a regionally operated, high-tech high school for the top students in central Virginia, this could technically be seen as a “new” use. The IRS agreed. Using the 1986 law, this formerly run-down school is now home to one of the highest-ranked U.S. public high schools.

With that in mind, we all support the Rehabilitation of Historic Schools Act, legislation that would eliminate this roadblock to school renovation and allow local governments to use the historic building rehabilitation tax credit. The legislation isn’t a silver bullet. But it is the only proposal before Congress to leverage private capital to help modernize our public schools."

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VAYD Annual Convention

March 17-19, 2017
Harrisonburg, VA

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